University Chooses Kind LED Grow Lights For Legal CBD Cannabis Research


Students Cultivate Cannabis on MTSU Campus

In a recent interview found here, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) showcased their Botanical Medical Research Center, where students grow hydroponic plants for cannabis research. This cutting-edge botanical center grows a wide variety of plants, using LED grow lights to grow legal CBD, in its mission to find new plants for medicine or supplements.

Licensed by the state and approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents to cultivate and extract legal CBD, the Botanical Medical Research center uses Kind LED Grow Lights, “the highest tech lighting that you can use,” according to Biology Professor and Head of the Center for cannabis research, Elliot Altman.

Altman describes the cannabis research, stating that legal CBD, “which could potentially help with, amongst many others, seizures and rheumatoid arthritis…could be one of the best immunosuppressants ever discovered.” Naturally, the University chooses only top tier technologies for healthier plant growth in order to optimize the natural profile and strength and collect relevant information from their research.

Kind LED Grow Lights is “very pleased and humbled,” to be chosen as the provider of the Center’s lighting technology, and to receive such praise from both the University and its staff.

About Kind LED Grow Lights:

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