Veterans are treated with neglect after all we did for the country

I was born and raised in the USA and I have been a very patrioitic citizen since after birth. I grew up with a single parent (my mom) who was a sweetheart and I lost her to cancer in 2010 while I was still active in th force. We fight to defend our nation and its borders, we make sure we defend the country from any foreign attack. We shoot and are shot at, we fight in combat and sacrifice our lives, but when we retire or leave the force, there is absolutely no one to watch over us, when we spent our whole lives watching over others. I’m a patient and I suffer from PTSD and its horrible. I get night terrors, halucinations and lots of violent images never cease to apear in my mind. With no family and difficulty to afford the regular pharmaceteucals, had to look for analternative, so came across budtrader, I got surprised after being contacted bto whom I have being using for barely a month. I was told I will receive free treatment and all I needed to do is pay for the shipping. I have been receiving free medical marijuana and I just want to take this opportunity to thank the entire bto family and to let the world know what we vetarans go through and that BTO have helped some of us a geat deal.

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