I got a call from budtraderonline and I was told my son will be treated of epilepsy free of charge

I have been suffering with my 8 years old son’s ill health since he was a baby. He usually had an average of about three attacks weekly. We have gone to all sorts of hospitals with little or no solution. I became fed up with the too many pills my baby had been taking, and that it might rather destroy him in a totally different way. A friend of mine told me about medical marijuana. It was funny to me at first because I have never used anything cannabis neither did I know anyone who smoked but we were benefactors of the  BTO team. After using their services for over 2 weeks, we received free cannabis products for my son’s treatment. My son has drastically improved and he might only get attacks once in a week. They didn’t only help with my sons health, but also helped me saved a lot more than when i bought pills.

Thanks to this budtraderonline team for this initiative and may they continue to bless

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