Investors Making Plans For Sacramento’s First Marijuana Warehouse


A group of investors has purchased what they intend to be Sacramento’s first marijuana warehouse.

The 8,000-square-foot building is located in Midtown Sacramento and will service marijuana delivery businesses, which are still illegal in city limits.

Nick Ocampo is one of the investors who also owns marijuana delivery company Nug Run.

“As we begin to scale up, automation is definitely going to be part of the process,” Ocampo said.

Medical and recreational marijuana would be stored in the massive space, floor to ceiling.

“Think of any warehouse that has any inventory,” Ocampo said. “You maximize full space potential, and we’d love to have row after row after row.”

The warehouse plans hinge on the Sacramento City Council voting to approve marijuana delivery permits.

Right now, the business is illegal and unregulated. Ocampo believes people who live and work nearby will support his budding business.

“And once we start to come into the light, a lot of people are seeing the positivity; it’s not something in the shadows anymore,” Ocampo said. “These are real business owners who want to help people.”

Sacramento’s Chief of Cannabis Policy and Enforcement Joe Devlin says marijuana delivery businesses will face scrutiny if the city council approves a permit process.

“They’re going to have to put forward their best foot in terms of answering questions around their business model, around their security plan, any odor control plan,” Devlin said.

Preparing for permitted pot delivery in Sacramento. There’s already a weed warehouse, waiting.

The Sacramento City Council is expecting to vote on whether to allow marijuana delivery by the end of July.

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