• I have been suffering with my 8 years old son's ill health since he was a baby. He usually had an average of about three attacks weekly. We have gone


    I got a call from budtraderonline and I was told my son will be treated of epilepsy free of charge

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  • I have been sick on and off and I am at a geriatic home. I don't take any meds if it's not medical marijuana and it has always been of great help and


    I’m too old to care about anything else but my happiness which is paramount to me.

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  • I was born and raised in the USA and I have been a very patrioitic citizen since after birth. I grew up with a single parent (my mom) who was a sweeth


    Veterans are treated with neglect after all we did for the country

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Bud Trader Online (B.T.O) has indulged in many acts of charity. We have always made donations to the poor and the less privilege who are in need of medicines but have limited funds to purchase. Our charitable work has gone a long way to help too many underprivileged kids. elderly and veterans. We realized that too many veterans after leaving the force end up with too many diseases which is mostly PTSD and most of them leave the force with no savings whatsoever. We also realized that there are too many kids all around the USA who suffer from severe epilepsy and other diseases which can be curable with the use of THC or CBD products and extracts.

BTO came up with this scheme of allocating some of these set of people and freely donate medical marijuana and marijuana products. Last year, we reached a total of 29 patients whose treatment was 100% taken care of by BTO and we still have some of the patients under our scheme and we will add up some more and our target this year is a minimum of 100 patients spread through out the USA.

In the previous year, we faced a few difficulties which included:

-Shipping and transportation of the products to the patients

-Absence of particular CBD strains such as Harlequinone which is definitely important and effective fir the treatment of cancer and HIV/AIDS.

If we can solve the above mentioned situations, then the charity program will only get bigger. We definitely can’t get this done without your help. A dollar is not small because it can go a long way to impact a life positively and put a smile on the faces of people who have lost hope and even given up on life.

We appreciate your generosity. “SHARING IS CARING”